Tractura® | Portable Back Pain Relief and Preservation Device.

Tractura® is a breakthrough in portable back pain relief and prevention. Now you can have true traction and decompression just about anywhere, anytime! Tractura® works by using the best levers on your body—your own legs—to create dual traction. This action allows vital nutrients to flow to the affected discs and strengthens the muscles that line the spine. Using Tractura® for only fifteen minutes a day is a safe alternative to other therapies that only mask the pain, and may even help you avoid or postpone surgery.


Kevin Harrington - Original Shark from Hit TV Show ”Shark Tank”

“Kind of like having your own chiropractor with you wherever you go.”

 Immediately after pushing down on the foot bar attached to this device the relief in my back pain is tremendous. It is similar to the inversion table but much more practical


I would limp due to my back pain even with medication. After using your back traction device I’ve only felt the limp return one more time, I immediately used it for relief and the next day the limp was gone. This has helped me tremendously, I have decided not to seek surgery for pain relief.


 I have been using it for about four weeks, twice a day (once in the morning an once in the afternoon), with each session lasting 8 to 10 minutes.

The relief of my pain is immediate.